How does Pact's Motion Tracker feature work?

Pact's Motion Tracker requires intense, highly active movement to count towards your pact. It uses your phone's accelerometer to see if you are moving at a vigorous pace for a total of 30 minutes, therefore we recommend that you either wear your device on an arm or waistband, or hold it in your hand.

You must workout above the movement threshold for the time to count and movement under it will not count towards your workout. You'll hear a "ding" when the app has registered a full minute of active workout. You are given 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete your 30 minutes of high-impact exercise. If you do not complete the 30 minutes in this time or if too long goes by without a minute counting, your workout will not be accepted.

Low-impact and slow exercises like yoga or stretching are not recommended with Pact's Motion Tracker, as it cannot pick up slower movements. Of course, we understand that these are certainly legitimate exercises, we just don't have a way to track that kind of motion at this time.

We also offer integrations with RunKeeper or MapMyFitness to track outdoor activities like walking, jogging, running or cycling.

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