What are the requirements for tracking a session with MapMyFitness and RunKeeper?

In order for your RunKeeper and MapMyFitness activities to count you must meet the following criteria:

-Your activity must be longer than 30 minutes
-Your activity must cover at least one GPS tracked physical mile in distance - this means stationary workouts on elliptical and treadmills are not eligible when logged with RunKeeper or MapMyFitness
-You must maintain a speed of at least 2 miles per hour
- Your activity cannot be longer than 5 hours
-Your workouts cannot be edited before they successfully sync to Pact and cannot be uploaded via another 3rd party app to RunKeeper or MapMyFitness.

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    Anne Spicker

    Why isn't the Garmin Vivofit available to use as an activity tracker?

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    Thank you for the suggestion! We're not presently announcing any new integration. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter page for any announcements regarding new ways to track digitally verifiable sessions towards your Pact commitment!

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