Does deleting the app delete my account?


Just like most subscription-based apps like Netflix, Hulu, Uber - deleting the Pact app DOES NOT delete your account. Please keep in mind that enrollment in Pact is ongoing and deleting the application from your device will not cancel your account nor exempt you from your Pact commitment.  

To delete your account, please log in at and select the option to delete account on the right side of the page. When you do this you are scheduled for deletion on Sunday night, so you are still obligated to keep your pact for the current week.

Once your account is processed for deletion any accumulated rewards will be forfeit. If you wish to withdraw your rewards please do so before your account's scheduled deletion date.

Instead of deleting your account and losing all of the progress you've made, remember that you can also put yourself on an open-ended break!

Here's an instructional video on how to set a break:

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