How do I report cheating or inappropriate content?

We take any attempt to cheat or degrade the Veggie Pact community very seriously. The functionality to flag for inappropriate and abusive content is presently available right on the voting feed. Just select the flag icon in the top right corner and select from the menu 'Flag as inappropriate' or 'Flag as cheating.'

We review users who are flagged by the community and warn or ban them depending on their account history.

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    Tiffany karafinski

    a member is finding pics of veggies on the computer & then taking pics of them. You can actually see the computer screen at the top of the pic, along with the Web search results for veGgie wrap. Who knows how many times this person has done this. Completely unfair! I was stuck paying for my gym pact more than a few times due to issues w/ the app. And people like this are cheating and getting paid for it!

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    Tiffany we appreciate your concern. Please submit a ticket with any information you have regarding this user's submission and we will investigate further.

    We offer flagging functionality in app as described above so that you can help us to weed out the cheaters!

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