What if my veggie photo isn't verified by Sunday at midnight?

Not to worry if your photo is not verified by Sunday at midnight. Your photo will be eligible to be voted on until the following Tuesday. If it has not been approved or rejected by Tuesday, it will be processed the following week.

So you know, you can submit Veggie Pact activities indefinitely until 5 are approved for the day. 

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    Alexander Smotrov

    What if my veggie photo submitted on Sunday is voted down on Monday and I don't have any other photos to substitute this one?

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    If you're concerned that you will not be able to meet your Veggie Pact due to the community's approval we recommend reviewing the recommendations for submitting a Veggie Photo in our Veggie Pact FAQ and reducing your Pact so you can comfortably meet your Pact before the Sunday at 11:59pm deadline.

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