My activity didn't count?

Please allow 24 hours for workouts and all food logging to count.

If after 24 hours you still do not see your activity appear in the app, we suggest that you force sync your activity by doing the following:

1) On your main pacts page, tap Start Activity
2) Tap the Gym pact icon (barbell) and move the toggle to 'Partner Apps'
3) Under the App that you'd like to force sync, tap the blue circular arrow icon
4) You'll receive a confirmation if any new activities have synced from that partner app

For more guidance, here's a how-to video on force syncing:

If your workout still does not show in the app after refreshing the main page, please submit a ticket to us through Settings>Report an issue, making sure to include a screenshot if you can.


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    Cathe Touhsant

    My activity for Sunday 12/7 isn't counting because my fitbit is not working properly. I've replaced the battery twice and it reset back to 1700 steps. I have contacted fit bit and I'm waiting to hear.

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