What should I keep in mind when voting on veggie pact photos?

Here are some quick tips for verifying veggie pact photos:

  • The photo should be obvious that they are actually eating or going to eat the fruit/veggies. If there is no proof they ate it vote it down.
  • The picture must be clear and have a detailed caption. If you can’t make out what is in the photo or what the contents are vote it down.
  • The picture must show at least one full serving of fruits or veggies. If it does not look like a full serving please vote it down.

Clicking or swiping thumbs up means you verify the photo and that it will count towards a user’s pact. Clicking or swiping to thumbs down means you reject the photo and it should not count towards a pact. When voting down add comments on why you reject the photo so the pact member can make the adjustments for their future activities.

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    Mish Rogers

    Do the following items count towards a veggie pact:
    Apple sauce
    Dried fruits
    Sweet potatoes

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    I ignore photos of potatoes, onions, juice (from concentrate), beans and apple sauce because I don't cont them personally but its is a good question.

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    Debbi Hernandez

    It's frustrating when PACT states, submit images of a full serving of vegetables, which a can of V8 is actually 2 FULL servings according to the USDA as it states directly on the can! But people vote it down because they simple don't think it's a fruit/vegetable? Then what food group is it!?! I am thinking if the FDA clarifies it as a fruit or vegetable that should suffice!! It's frustrating when people just don't think store-bought juice is good enough!? Especially knowing that that alternative to other beverages, has now helped dropped me 42 pounds!!

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    One of the most important parts of Veggie Pact is presentation! To clarify, your face does not have to be in each photo but the food you are eating should be presented in a way so that it is obvious that it is about to be eaten.

    Placing your hand on a fork near the food is helpful. Chopping fruits and vegetables and putting them on your plate in a single serving is helpful. Getting creative with your presentation and description is highly encouraged!

    If you're eating multiple servings of the same food please keep in mind that the presentation of these items in a way that is distinguishable from previous representations of the same meal is very important to prevent your account from being flagged for cheating. This is a good place to use descriptive captioning.

    If you accidentally start a veggie activity or your veggie is down voted, you can still complete another veggie photo for the week to complete your pact. Please remember that we can only count five complete veggie activities towards your pact per day. Veggie Pact photos can be submitted indefinitely until 5 are approved for the day.

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