Can I do multiple workouts in a day?

You definitely could, you rockstar. But only one workout per day can count towards your gym pact.

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    Justine Jones

    If I do multiple work outs and the second work out is considered "uncounted" will I be charged? For example- my fitness pal counts my steps everyday but they don't always reach 10,000 steps a day.

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    Hey Justine,

    To clarify, workouts tracked with MyFitnessPal will not count towards your gym pact.

    Tracking multiple workouts per day will not count against you. As long as you track the full amount you're committed to for the week, one workout per day will be eligible, your Pact will be met! You can do as many more Pact eligible or ineligible workouts as you like throughout the week! You will not be charged for any ineligible sessions.

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