How does Pact know when a veggie photo was taken?

We pull the meta data to make sure the photo was taken from your device during the active pact week. This prevents duplicate photos from being submitted to the Pact community.

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    I am frequently voting down veggie photos because they are photos of the same thing. There needs more policing of duplicate entries of a fruit or veg. It's cheating!

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    Heather Flak

    I eat the same thing for breakfast apples or grapes so is that "cheating if I use the same picture?

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    Gemma Roberts

    How is eating the same type of fruit or veg cheating?? If I eat an apple two days in a row then that's 2 fruits! You can't decide that it's the same apple when there's a photo of me eating one on two different days, that's ridiculous. People unnecessarily voting things down are the single massive problem with this app; it creates resentment towards other members and pact itself because people are genuinely trying and then get told that a photo of them with a nectarine in their mouth isn't enough proof that they're eating it -_-

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    We appreciate your sharing your experience! Thanks for your feedback and patience while we work to fine tune the Veggie Pact system!

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