How does Veggie Pact work?

To be given credit toward Veggie Pact, users must do the following:

1) Upload a photo of a fruit or vegetable you are eating or are about to eat. By pressing the Pact logo in the bottom center of the Pact card home screen and then selecting the tomato icon to access the Veggie Pact camera. 
2) The photo must be of at least one serving of fruit/veggie. Please know you will only be given one credit for each photo uploaded even if it is of multiple servings.
3) All photos must be uploaded by Sunday at midnight.
4) A maximum of five fruits and veggies may be logged per day.

Other Pact users will vote on your fruit/veggie photos, and you will be notified when they have been verified.

Not to worry if your photo is not verified by Sunday at midnight. Your photo will be eligible to be voted on until the following Tuesday. If it has not been approved or rejected by Tuesday (which it should be), your Pact will be skipped for that week and you will not be charged.

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    Jonathan Bacon

    How do you know if the person has actually eaten the Fruit/Vegetables? Btw I love the idea of this app I just don't see how you can get enough evidence to say that someone has eaten what they take a picture of

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    It's up to the Veggie Pacter to take a photo that clearly illustrates the item is being consumed. It's then up to the Veggie Pact community to up or down-vote that item based on its being a full serving of fruit or vegetable that is clearly being consumed. Here's another article to help clarify:

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