My fruit/veggie photo was voted down by the Pact community. What do I do?

The community verifies all veggie pact activities. Once a photo has been rejected by the community it can not be disputed. You can submit veggie photo activities indefinitely until 5 have been approved for the day! 

Here are some quick tips to have your pictures verified in the future:

  • Make it obvious that you're actually eating or going to eat the fruit/veggies (selfies are encouraged!)
  • Make sure your pictures are clear and have a detailed caption
  • Make sure your photo shows at least one full serving of fruits or veggies
One of the most important parts of Veggie Pact is presentation! To clarify, your face does not have to be in each photo but the food you are eating should be presented in a way so that it is obvious that it is about to be eaten.

Placing your hand on a fork near the food is helpful. Chopping fruits and vegetables and putting them on your plate in a single serving is helpful. Getting creative with your presentation and description is highly encouraged!

If you're eating multiple servings of the same food please keep in mind that the presentation of these items in a way that is distinguishable from previous representations of the same meal is very important to prevent your account from being flagged for cheating. This is a good place to use descriptive captioning.

If you accidentally start a veggie activity or your veggie is down voted, you can still complete another veggie photo for the week to complete your pact. Please remember that we can only count five complete veggie activities towards your pact per day. Veggie Pact photos can be submitted indefinitely until 5 are approved for the day.
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    Amber Judd

    Just because someone doesn't approve of the way you cook a veggie or fruit doesn't mean you don't approve their photo!!!!

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    Kathyrn Gratton

    How can vegan burgers be voted down as not a veggie serving?

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    Dustin Cushman

    I agree with both of the above. I've had veggies voted down because people decided how i made them were unhealthy. Broccoli and chicken are bad as Chinese is unhealthy ... Really? Fresh homemade is not bad, and Asians have amazing lifespans compared to most westerners . Lightly creamed spinach is unhealthy ... Does the cream negate it as a fresh vegetable? That's like voting down corn on the cob cause you put butter or salt on it ...

    As for veggie burgers, I love these and eat these all the time. I am afraid to even post one cause I know it will be voted down. Actually as a vegetarian most of the things I eat will be voted down if it doesn't look like a raw fresh veggie.

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    I don't understand the ratio of what makes a photo being down voted? I had one picture approved with only four votes but recently I had one rejected because of 7 approved and 3 voted down. At what point does the voting cut off? How does it actually get approved by the community. Is the picture up for a certain time frame?

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    Susan, there is not a set number of up votes that is required by verifying a Veggie Pact activity. The verification system has more to do with the order and timing of votes received. We can assure you that the veggie pact algorithm's logic is to ensure fairness in the Pact community. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our support team by submitting an issue in the top right corner above. We appreciate your feedback as we work to fine tune this system!

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