What gyms can you verify for gym pact?

We can verify any fitness facility that is separate from your home or office. University gyms count, and so do yoga studios, swimming pools, tennis courts, martial arts studios, rock climbing gyms, outdoor tracks, or any standalone exercise facility.

If we don’t have your gym listed, simply add it the first time you check in there. The Customer Experience team will verify your fitness facility and add it to our database.

To workout at work or your home, take a look at the gym pact motion tracker for iOS.

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    Seymour Halpern

    I can get credit for a half-hour on a gym treadmill or elliptical by completing ~3,000 steps, but I need to complete 10,000 on my home elliptical or office treadmill for the same credit. Why not let us post a pic of the time on the equipment like for a veggie pact.

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    Sarah Capewell

    Seymond, for home workouts you use motion tracker. Only need 30mins.

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