When is the cut-off time for finishing my pact?

For you late-nighters, please finish all your activities before midnight on Sunday in your time zone to count toward your pact that week. Pact weeks run Monday through Sundays

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    Martie Costello

    Ok, so,just to clarify... If week runs Mon-Sun, then does weekly activity have to be finished by Saturday night (midnight Sunday) to count for week? Or is it actually Sunday night 11:59pm?

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    Hi Martie,

    Each pact week ends Sunday at 11:59:59 in your time zone. Thanks for the question!

    -Pact Support

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    The Bridg

    I Just joined Pact tonight. Since it is Sunday evening and the week ends in a few hours will I be charged for not getting 3 workouts in? Seems like a scam since I just loaded the app.

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